Samba Workshop!!! with Sean Park; Monday Sep 12

The first half of the work shop will be drum focused, so horn players, please bring percussion instruments, Sean will also provide some instruments. I highly encourage horns to get involved with the drums, as it will help you understand what the drums are doing, and help bridge communication between drums and horns.

I also wanna touch on the Work Song, the off beat brass shots in Yeep!, and Ross’ new tune ‘Sub-Prime”

Below are some words and links form Sean:
There’s two rhythms that I’d like to share with the group (below). I can only really teach the percussion parts with any skill – I sense the horns are an eclectic go with the flow bunch and can muster up something to go with it that’s inspired by this. I will bring along a bunch of my instruments. Also, if folks are interested, me and a few peeps are starting a community afro-brazilian inspired percussion orchestra this week. We go 6-9PM every Sunday at the DharmaLab (1814 Pender). Free for everyone, instruments provided too. They can email at to find out more.

Looking forward to Monday!