Mardis Gras In Langely


On Wednesday, March 24 ten members of the band headed 50 kms out of town to play a gig

John Cl.

We played for Envision Financial a Fraser Valley credit union

Art connoisseurs

The party theme was Mardi Gras, a costume call Carnies pull off with flair.

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The third annual HONK! Fest West is just around the corner

Here are a handful of photos from last year’s carryings-on

Come down to Seattle to hear the Carnival Band and 23 other bands from around the U.S. play all weekend

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Bright Light Procession

Jesse, James and Shannon

The Bright Light Procession followed a route through the DTES travelling about 8 blocks from point A (Dr. sun Yat Sen Garden) back to point A


Right up until the last minute the weather was very wet but the rain stopped for the most part once the procession got under way.

Tara and Luke

Most members of the Carnival Band were lit up like Christmas trees.

Additional pictures from Bright Light can be found in our

Bright Light

Interurban Gallery, Hastings and Carrall Sts.

On Sunday, March 7 the Carnival Band joins a group of Vancouver performers in the Bright Light Procession of Performing Circles on the DTES.

A section of the newly created Carrall St. greenway

The evening procession circling several blocks in the heart of the DTES promises to be a visual treat. This project promotes local art galleries, public art and artists based in the community.

The procession sets off from Pender and Carrall Sts at 7:00 p.m.

Band members can check sausage for call time, location and costume call particulars