Saturday, 25 Jan 2020: Push Festival, Democratic Set

Yaletown Community Roundhouse, 181 Roundhouse Mews, Vancouver Playing in the Exhibition Hall. A green room will be available.
The Band has been invited to play for 30 minutes before "The Democratic Set" film screening, which is part of Push Festival. Saturday, Jan. 25th at 7p.  The screening is free! RSVP to Push Fest for a seat to see the film. (Lorelei booked 6 seat as general use, just in case) Following the film screening there will be a free opening night party! Click on this URL to find the RSVP and read more about the event. CARNIES, MAYBE YOU CAN GET INTO THE FILM! The film is being created over 3 days at the Yaletown Roundhouse Community Centre. Carnies are encouraged to head over and participate in the filming! Insert your fabulousness in this art film. This is a first-come-first-served environment and has no guarantee. If a spot is available, allow 20 minutes for paperwork, a brief rehearsal and the actual 15-seconds of filming. The dates and times recommended for showing up for a MORNING filming spot are: Wednesday, Jan 22nd 10a - 1p Thursday, Jan 23rd, 10a-1p They have a WAITLIST for afternoon slots, and you will be notified if something opens up (they are all currently booked). Scroll down the page and you see the sign up options. From the Push Festival website: Each cast member gets a brief rehearsal for their 15-second video portrait; each portrait is captured in a single take, with the camera moving across the set in the same direction each time. Edited and presented, the successive portrait-shots appear as a continuous movement through the rooms of an imaginary space; that space is one of freedom, constructed from cooperation and fellowship. What emerges is a wonderful paradox: a group vision of individual expression. When the final work premieres for the public, it’s a moment of shared triumph. At our last rehearsal, a few Carnies were established to participate in one guaranteed slot that was set up by Lorelei with the Push Festival and New World Theatre. So, we'll have a least a few Carnies in the film! (The limited number was set by the film's event organizers.) The Democratic Set performance collage of images

Event start: 6:30pm. Performance start: 6:30pm.

Sunday, 26 Jan 2020: Chinese New Year - year of the Rat

China Town, starts outside International Village
Dig up those pointed noses, fun fur, and long tails, because it's the year of the RAT! If anyone can bring 1-2 or even 4 Carnie fans to carry the banner that would be great!

Event start: 12:00pm. Performance start: 12:00pm.

Monday, 17 Feb 2020: Family Day

Trout Lake Community Centre
Monday, February 17th Performance time 11:05-11:25am Front Entrance and procession into the Lobby

Event start: 11:00am. Performance start: 11:05am.

Tentative: Saturday, 22 Feb 2020: Tall Grass Party

Terminal City Club, probably
this is an annual themed staff party for a Joyce company. Always fun, with lots of Vancouver performance artists involved.

Event start: 7:00pm. Performance start: 7:00pm.

Friday, 03 Apr 2020: Brassy Dance Party

8pm doors 9pm Terminal City Brass Band 10pm Balkan Shmalkan 11pm The Carnival Band 11:45pm Drunken Marching Band $10

Event start: 7:00pm. Performance start: 9:00pm.

Sunday, 03 May 2020: BMO Marathon

E-H1 aka Pacific at BC Place (at the Plaza of Nations)
Bright and early call, best to bike to this event, as the roads get shuttered.

Event start: 7:00am. Performance start: 7:00am.

Saturday, 09 May 2020: Stone Soup Festival

Britannia Community Centre
25th Annual Stone Soup Festival this year. Festival of Food Justice and Sustainability. We love giving back to Britannia for the rehearsal space they provide to us!  

Event start: 12:00pm. Performance start: 12:00am.

Tentative: Saturday, 25 Jul 2020: Malkin Bowl music festival

Malkin Bowl
This is still in the works, but should be fun, even though they want a small band;( It would be a closed call for 6-8 canies if we do it.

Event start: 12:00am. Performance start: 12:00am.