Saturday, 25 Sep 2021: Music in the Park

McLean park in strathcona

Event start: 4:00pm. Performance start: 4:00pm.

Saturday, 25 Sep 2021: Rebel Now for Future Generations with Extinction Rebellion

Prince Edward Park (21st Avenue East of Main Street)
Family friendly event with Carnival Band, art, performers, face painting, drums, sign making, all welcome. In Prince Edward Park at 21st east of Main Street. Then we will process down Main st. with a few stops for short performances. Stay tuned for more info after XR meeting tomorrow night (Tues.)

Event start: 12:00pm. Performance start: 12:00am.

Sunday, 26 Sep 2021: Strathcona Garden Party

Trillium Park to Strathcona Garden
This request just came from the Strathcona Community Garden
We were hoping that the Carnival Band would be available to play at the fall festival again.
If so, the ideal timing/situation would be to lead a procession of people down Malkin from Trillium Park to the garden starting around 3pm. Sunday Sept 26th

Event start: 12:00am. Performance start: 3:00pm.

Sunday, 03 Oct 2021: Mobility Device

Kits Beach

We walk alongside our friend Carm, in lieu of his walking cane. We are his Mobility Device.

This performance is a walk along Kitsilano Beach, from the North end all the way to the Show Boat stage. We will have a small film crew with us, and a short documentary will be made from our performance.

Event start: 4:30pm. Performance start: 4:30pm.

Tentative: Friday, 29 Oct 2021: East Side Family Place Pumpkin Patch

Britannia Garden (North-West Corner of the Britannia site between McLean Drive and the tennis courts/skatepark)
ESFP is doing a mini pumpkin patch in the Britannia community garden again! They'd love to have some music and wondered if some members of the Band would be interested in that. We’re registering a modest number of families. We’ll be giving out pumpkins, decorating them and a story from Britannia Librarian.

Event start: 12:00am. Performance start: 11:00am.

Saturday, 30 Oct 2021: Parade of Lost Souls

Featuring members of Greenhorn. TBD: but basically on the hour starting at the info centre.

Event start: 7:00pm. Performance start: 7:00pm.

Tentative: Friday, 10 Dec 2021: Red Gate show

Red gate on Main Street
This is a self produced dance party with multiple brass bands!!!

Event start: 7:00pm. Performance start: 7:00pm.