Monday, 22 May 2017: Victoria Day on Victoria Drive

Victoria Park


Attached is our Mainstage program & our final site map.  I’m really open to, & hopeful of Carnival Band playing a little more than what’s on here -really depends how long you guys want to go… it could be up to 30minutes off the top, just let me know beforehand or right there on the day what your preferences are.
Our artistic director Trish Mitchell’s idea at the end is that since Protec staging wants to start striking the stage & other equipment as close to 4pm as possible if Carnival Band leads an impromptu “parade off the stage & around the park it’ll get the people away from there to let Protec do its thing.  I think the kids will love being able to join in a little parade behind the band too.
Thanks again to you & all of the band for helping us out with this event.  People are going to love listening to you guys for an afternoon in the park!  If any questions/concerns come up please phone, text, or email anytime.
Rob Ferguson

Main Stage Program

Victoria Day at Victoria Park

Monday May 22, 2017

1pm ?Carnival Band plays on stage while crowd gathers

1:20?MC welcomes & introduces:

??First Nations welcome

??Greetings from Parks Commissioner

1:30?Harmony of Nations performs

2:00?MC introduces Seth Klein, Canadian Centre for Policy


2:15?Maya Rae performs

3:10?Pennyfarthing bike talk/performance

??-why is it called that? how hard is it to ride? why did they go out of style etc.?

3:20?MC introduces MLA Shane Simpson

3:27?MC introduces Adrienne Montani, First Call BC

3:35?Shout outs & thank you’s

3:40?Closing parade with Carnival Band


A mix of hilarity and seriousnessity to bring awareness to the horrors of child poverty here and world-wide, with Victorian costumes and games on the side to attract and regale the lit-luns.


Event start: 1:00pm. Performance start: 1:00pm.

Sunday, 11 Jun 2017: Mini-Maker Faire


Our annual contribution to the wonderful world of Maker-dom. Tim and Ross have a previous engagement involving teddy-bears, so they’ll be coming in hot.

Last year we paraded around the faire and ended up at the small out-door stage. I have also filled in times from last year anticipating they will not change. We’ll confirm closer to the date.

Event start: 12:00am. Performance start: 4:30pm.

Tuesday, 20 Jun 2017: Summer Solstice Parade

yale town

I believe it’s gonna be like last year, with a procession around 7:30pm from Emery Park, to David Lam Park.

Event start: 12:00am. Performance start: 12:00am.

Saturday, 01 Jul 2017: Canada day

Grandview park

This is our annual canada day gig for Britannia, always a sweet family friendly event.

Event start: 12:30pm. Performance start: 12:30pm.

Saturday, 08 Jul 2017: Squamish Beer Festival

Squamish, BC

We’re bringing some carnival to their carnival. A day of wandering music-ing and mini-parades to keep the crowds happy- which shouldn’t bee too terribly hard as they will mostly be drinking beer at the same time. 2pm til 8pm. A bit of a long day, but hey, no one complains when a wonderful day is a bit long!

Event start: 2:00am. Performance start: 2:00pm.

Sunday, 09 Jul 2017: Car Free Day

Commercial Drive starting at 5th and Ending at Napier Street.

Event start: 12:00pm. Performance start: 12:00pm.

Sunday, 10 Sep 2017: McSpadden County Fair and Zuccini Races

McSpadden Park

Last year we played a little parade and  2 fun sets at different parts of the park.  We can also grow, decorate and then race our zucchinis.


Event start: 12:00pm. Performance start: 12:00pm.