Friday, 21 Aug 2020: Collingwood Days

Collingwood community centre
This is a sweet family friendly event. Super good people in a small community centre. “The event will follow all safety measures, including not more than 50 people total on site, physical distancing, etc. “
“Collingwood Days on August 21 at GASTON PARK (3470 Crowley Drive, between Joyce Street and Tyne.  ....
The GREEN ROOM is located in Collingwood Elementary School which is adjacent to the park, on the west side of the festival area. There will be specific areas marked for each performer/bands. While you are encouraged to socialize, please keep physical. Also bring your own water bottle. ....
Here is the official schedule!
6-6:55: Carnaval Band
6:55-7:50: Balkan Smalkan
Roving Performers:
6-6:30: Claire Brown & WIlloughby Arevalo
6:30-7: Clara Rose & Ariel Amara
7-7:25: Claire Brown & WIlloughby Arevalo
7:25-7:50: Clara Rose & Ariel Amara
The greenroom will be open at 5pm for performers to arrive. “

Event start: 6:00pm. Performance start: 6:00pm.