Tentative: Friday, 16 Jul 2021: Pride at Collingwood

Collingwood Community Centre, close to the Joyce St. skytrain station
We don't yet know the time, but it will happen, oh yes.

Event start: 12:00am. Performance start: 12:00am.

Tentative: Saturday, 28 Aug 2021: Tiny Islands presents the Carnival Band

Everett Crowley Park, parking lot is on Kerr between Marine Drive and 54th, but the gig is in an outdoor class room space in the middle of the park.
We are here to play music that reminds us of what the Kinross Stream might have offered to people, plants, and animals before settler cultures. The Kinross Stream once bore salmon and ran down to the Fraser River. This is part of a concert series that aims to kindle a relationship to the land we call home.

Event start: 7:00pm. Performance start: 7:00pm.

Tentative: Sunday, 12 Sep 2021: Mcspadden Country Fair

My Spadden Park
The great zucchini race!!!!

Event start: 12:00am. Performance start: 12:00am.

Saturday, 25 Sep 2021: Music in the Park

McLean park in strathcona

Event start: 4:00pm. Performance start: 4:00pm.