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Cancelled: Friday, 03 Apr 2020:

Cancelled: Sunday, 05 Apr 2020:

Saturday, 18 Apr 2020: Earth Day

North Grandview Hwy parading to Grandview Park

Sweet parade with Killarney students up Commercial Drive from under the Skytrain to Grandview Park.

Event start: 11:30am. Performance start: 11:30am.

Tentative: Monday, 27 Apr 2020: Dutch King's Day


John came by practice tonight. No firm commitment made yet.  Not sure of location, fee, perks. 

Event start: 12:00am. Performance start: 12:00am.

Saturday, 02 May 2020: Fingerling Festival

Port Moody Rec, Centre, Noons Creek hatchery, Ioco Road

Event start: 11:00am. Performance start: 11:00am.

Cancelled: Sunday, 03 May 2020:

Cancelled: Saturday, 30 May 2020:

Cancelled: Friday, 05 Jun 2020:

Saturday, 06 Jun 2020: Stone Soup Festival

Britannia Community Centre

DATE CHANGE! moved from May to June 6th.

25th Annual Stone Soup Festival this year. Festival of Food Justice and Sustainability. We love giving back to Britannia for the rehearsal and meeting spaces they provide to us!  

Event start: 12:00pm. Performance start: 12:00am.

Thursday, 11 Jun 2020: Corpus Christi

St James Anglican Church 303 East Cordova Street Vancouver BC V6A 1L4

Event start: 7:30pm. Performance start: 7:30pm.

Cancelled: Friday, 10 Jul 2020:

Cancelled: Saturday, 11 Jul 2020:

Cancelled: Sunday, 12 Jul 2020:

Saturday, 25 Jul 2020: Malkin Bowl music festival

Malkin Bowl

This is still in the works, but should be fun, even though they want a small band;( It would be a closed call for 6-8 canies if we do it.

Event start: 12:00am. Performance start: 12:00am.

Saturday, 25 Jul 2020: Country Fest


July 25 &26


Event start: 12:00am. Performance start: 12:00am.

Sunday, 26 Jul 2020: Country Fest Day 2


Event start: 12:00am. Performance start: 12:00am.