Thursday, 30 Aug 2018: Veggie Contest

Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House
5th and Renfrew

This event is a family friendly super sweet community event. The neighbourhood brings their veggie creations, ranging from veggie art, largest squash, tiniest tomatoes, and insects made from toothpicks and vegetables.

We play a short set, and then fanfares for the winners, and everybody wins!!!!

My guess is the event starts at 11am. Still waiting on some details.

Note that it is at a new location this year, Frog Hollow.

Event start: 11:00am. Performance start: 11:00am.

Friday, 07 Sep 2018: Skookum day 1

Stanley Park, Vancouver

Please refer to day two for internal band matters.


Event start: 5:00pm. Performance start: 5:00pm.

Sunday, 09 Sep 2018: McSpadden Fair and Zucchini Races

McSpadden Park- 4th and Victoria

Usually a two set day- one before noon to kick off the event and one later in the day to kick off the vegetable Indy 500. Lots of food and fun to fill in the in between.

Loads of band members will be rocking out for day 3 of the Skookum festival so if you can make this one don’t be scared to sign up! We’ve been part of this event since its inception and you can bet we’ll feel the love!

Event start: 11:00am. Performance start: 11:00am.

Thursday, 06 Dec 2018: Yule Duel

Gastown, greenroom will probably be Guilt and Co.

Not to sure when our downbeat is, but the event starts at 6pm. Always a good time.

Event start: 6:00pm. Performance start: 6:00pm.